Biscuits, Gravy and Running a Small Business

If life is like biscuits, then ambition is the gravy. Erin Holbert is a full-time farmer who decided to start a side hustle in the middle of harvest. Her personality and perspective on farming has earned her a considerable following and a loyal fan base for her ag-inspired clothing company, Heart of the Midwest. Get your plates ready for some home-cooked anecdotes from the heartland.

Hashing out Harvest Results

Like a delicious breakfast hash, a whole mix of factors go into a crop’s final result. In this episode, we decipher how this year’s harvest results turned out the way they did. Our guest, Nick Goeser, is CEO of the Agronomy, Crop and Soil Science Societies, so he’s definitely the right person to ask. Get hungry for some data-backed insights as we dig in and hash out harvest results.

Ham, Eggs and Agronomy

We’re dishing out ham, eggs and a look inside the world of a field agronomist. Meaghan Anderson works at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach where she gets to meet a lot of different farmers with new problems to solve. From confirming a corn disease to collecting water hemp samples, every day is an adventure. So let’s get into the weeds and learn about agronomy!

Cinnamon Rolls and Rolling Herd Averages

We discuss all things dairy with Mary Mackinson-Faber, the voice of Mackinson Dairy Farm in Central Illinois. How should a dairy farmer approach social media? What’s the best way to make your cows as comfortable as possible? We’ll answer these questions and more in this episode! Pour yourself a tall glass of milk, and let’s get rolling.

Farming, Family Dynamics and Fried Eggs

Farming with family is sort of like frying an egg. At the center, they’re both golden and rewarding — but things can get a little scrambled, too. Juggling her family business, high-quality beef sales and athletic coaching is all in a day’s work for Jacquelyne. Hear what she says about finding the balance.

Hotcakes & Hot Takes on Grain Marketing

This episode delivers hot takes on grain marketing along with a steamy stack of hotcakes. Matt Bennett of discusses how he became an expert in grain marketing, why it matters and how to develop a strategy. At the end of the day, farming is a business, and Matt offers helpful advice to run your business better.

Coming Soon: Ag Over Easy Podcast

Introducing “Ag Over Easy,” the new podcast from Channel where you get breakfast with a side of agronomic insight. Join us for fresh guests and digestible advice from the field.

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